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Signal Processing Engineer

Job description

Your Responsibilities:

  1. Build robust sensor fusion algorithms for IMU data obtained from the sensor hardware

  2. Perform advanced signal processing techniques to preprocess and clean the data

  3. Reproduce State of the Art research in the domain for integration into the product

  4. Perform fast prototyping

  5. Efficient integration of developed modules into a complete sub-system 


Key Qualifications:

  1. Strong background in digital and statistical signal processing

  2. Bachelor/Masters in Mechatronic/ ECE/ EEE and related fields with strong domain knowledge (i.e., prior experience in working with motion capture systems/IMUs or robotics is a must)

  3. Proficient in Python/MATLAB & required signal processing frameworks in the mentioned languages.

  4. Prior understanding of human biomechanics is a bonus

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