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#AcrophaseAlerts! - A one stop blog offering prospective view into tech-driven solutions and on-field challenges

This week, we kick start our blog, #AcrophaseAlerts!, which aims to cover a wide variety of content activities about recent works/events at Acrophase, technological advancements in areas of tech-driven performance enhancement, building industry ready algorithms on physiological data, and much more

Acrophase brings together a team of multidisciplinary experts to build technology for effective physiological profiling and guided performance enhancement . Such an effort is one of its kind in the country with a vision to establish a structured approach towards building international-level athletes and improving the lifestyle standards of the common man.

In addition to regular facts and an inside look at Acrophase, the blog aims to gather industrial perspectives through various sources such as podcasts, interviews & content authored by domain experts to give a holistic understanding of the field and its opportunities.

Last but not least, the blog also provides a sneak-peek into what it takes to build business-ready algorithms powered by machine learning, signal processing, and data analytics that can be translated into the field, skimming on the challenges and solutions encountered along the path .

Visit #AcrophaseAlerts! every Wednesday for a brand-new update from us!

Hariprasad K

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